Beta 76.0b2 (32 bit) opener page misery

I can’t handle the opening page of this version. I would like to go back to the previous opening page that just showed the list (length selective by user) of latest emails and the Composition area below. This new page is just to busy for me. Can we do this?

Excuse me, I’m a nerd with no design/building capacity at all.


If you just want to see the Thread Pane don’t select the Account Level which always showed the Account Central pane.

Instead select the accounts Inbox.

I understand Walt - I think. However, It does not stop TB from opening the first email Folder (top one of nine) whether there are emails incoming or not. I want to be able to open the Email Folder that I want to open ( I could see which of the nine had I/C emails before this version and I could choose quickly which one I wanted to open), but now, first I have to close the open one (top one) before opening the one I need too, otherwise email folders are disappearing off the bottom of the screen. I really don’t think many users need a nanny that opens the program like it does. Please guys, just show us our I/C mail and let us decide. Cheers.

My Thunderbird 76.0b3 still opens to the last folder I had selected in the Folder Pane when I lasted exited it, not the Account level.

I don’t understand how yours could be opening to the Account level, showing Account Central.

The user is always able to select and open any folder they want.

Sounds like you may have had an extension that is no longer working. Try opening Thunderbird in safe mode, or test with a test profile.

I am now running 76.0b3. When I open TB with add-ons disabled and in Safe Mode TB still opens my first email folder whether there are new emails for it or not and whether I shut down with one of the other email folders open. That folder stays open on reboot but the first one still opens and pushes the other eight down and off the screen (depending on which one is open{some have more folders/sub-folders than others}). If that is the Account Level that I showed you, it opens when I close the first Folder and then after I close any folder. I find the popping up of this screen invasive. I know what to do to create new emails or news etc, I don’t like it flying in my face all the time. Maybe it’s just me. I don’t believe it’s just happening to me either Walt. I’ll have to live with it. Thanks benda.