Beta 90.0 - Disabled Calendars

Installed Beta 90 over the latest production release. Mail works fine but calendars are all disabled. Clicking on “Enable” changes icon, but calendar entries don’t show. Restarting TB and all calendars are shown as disabled.

You installed beta 90 over the 78 release and were allowed to use the 78 profile with it?

That seems strange in itself.

Now if you are using the Provider for Google Calendar extension which doesn’t work with 90 then that may be the issue. It isn’t compatible.

You might have to recreate any network calendars.

Also review the Release Notes

It might be a good idea to review all beta notes by changing the version number in the URL starting with 79 and up to 90.

Thank you - I had read the release notes for 90 prior to install, but hadn’t gone through previous notes. I didn’t see anything that suggested a new profile was required. Assumed that as in the past, any changes to the content of the profile would be handled by the new code. Obviously reverting with a new profile wouldn’t be advised.

I suspect my empty Calendar problem is due to Provider not being compatible.