Better Twitter curation

This is an initiative for the Key Result 6:

At least 4 persons are involved in creating content for Twitter tweets and answering mentions

The current @MozillaCH Twitter workflow me and @mkohler have is just more or less “tweet a few times before events and retweet mildly interesting things”.

To be able to involve more people we need a drastically more organized workflow. The rough outline of what I’d like to do is the following:

  • Have some kind of backlog for upcoming tweets, some with specific dates, some without. This will let us manage the content pretty well and space it out reasonably. Of course we can’t plan retweets, so not every “spot” (we try to tweet every three days or something, to be defined) should be booked and we should have some kind of “backup”.
  • Have some kind of list where we can assign people to answer queries we get. Currently me and Michael just hope the other one sees it and answers. And sometimes this means the person won’t get an answer until the next meetup. Luckily we don’t get many mentions.

Both of these structures would allow much easier contribution opportunity of content for people that don’t have direct access to the Twitter account and result in higher quality content in my opinion.

I’m not quite sure how to achieve this, probably with some kind of to-do list or issue tracker. The important part in my opinion is, that the system can remind contributors to finish their content (especially for replies to tweets).

What do you think about this plan? I tried to explain that to the attendees of the community meetup and the feedback was mostly “how can we do that well”, at least from what I remember.
Do you think this would result in better content and would you be willing to contribute content with such a system (without any set amount or anything, maybe even just on demand for answering questions to your functional area).

If we can agree on a concept I’ll open an issue on GitHub, as per the objectives we have, and then plan the next steps there (documenting the workflow, setting up the tool etc.)

Thanks for starting this, this sounds like a great discussion to have!

I agree that we should have a backlog. However I think retweets should not have a specific spot as retweets are mostly “hey, this is relevant to our followers as well, let’s RT it”. I think we would have enough content to tweet if we have a plan. Maybe @flaki could give us a hint on how other social media accounts are handling this and which tools you use for content curation?

Yes, we don’t get that many mentions to answer. What I would suggest here is to have an owner who can redirect to other people actively instead of hoping that the other persons will see it. This could be rotated weekly/monthly/whatever.


See resulting issue here:

Being developed at:

This is now live. You can now suggest tweets at !

Woop woop, “12 months later” :slight_smile: