Beyond the Privacy Policy: Privacy and security norms in IoT

This session is facilitated by Kaili Lambe, Jeff Wilbur, Steve Olshansky, Lailah Nesbitt-Ahmed, Anna Fielder

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About this session

Over the past several years, there’s been a global surge in the use of internet-connected devices (IoT). Our day-to-day routines are increasingly mediated by our IoT devices, but there aren’t clear industry norms for how such companies safeguard user privacy and security.

Our three organizations–Mozilla Foundation, Internet Society, and Consumers International–have documented a range of approaches to privacy and security among different manufacturers of IoT. In this session, we hope to work together with participants to discuss and get feedback on our Minimum Security Guidelines for IoT. We’d like to explore:

  • Lessons we’ve learned in the process of setting norms for IoT and user security and privacy
  • Moving beyond the privacy policy as the primary way to educate consumers about how their data will be used.
  • Feedback on developing a more global approach to our guidelines.

Goals of this session

Facilitate an engaging conversation about norm-setting on privacy and security in a rapidly changing IoT landscape.