Bigint cause probems at upload

Hey Guys!

I quite have this big problem.

I have a Extension and it is accepted on google and firefox, but firefox refused to release it due to and error in bigint, it works fine on chrome but not here, anyone that knows why?

I post the zip file and a piture

The issue is likely that the eslint config and version used within does not support bigint.


I uploaded the zip, and the error message, both Edge and Chrome accepts it its the fkn same file, dosent make sense at all.

About the addon lister, we dont have that integrated is that a requirment?

The addon-linter is what checks the extension when you upload it on If it does not support the syntax it will give you such an error.

Do you know if there is some dedicated Firefox team responsible for the linter? Or does this waits for a community volunteer to fix it?
Seems like many new features is not supported by the linter and many people are complaining.

@juraj.masiar The add-ons team is responsible for the linter, and community contributions are welcome!

Looks like we have a couple of issues on file where the linter doesn’t accept recent JS syntax.

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PS: You can track the issue here: