Bitchute has hijacked Ctrl-f and Ctrrl-l keystrokes

copynpaste my email to bitchute who did reply about development and changes, though not gasping with horror at what they have done. I would not be happy if I were Mozilla. (apart from that Bitchute are tops)

"recently the ctrl-f key has changed from the Firefox default find to Bitchute full screen, the F key alone also does full screen (as it always did). two keys for the price of one.

and not ctrl-l is supposed to go to the url bar, now it does nothing

these are standard and long standing Firefox keystrokes you are overiding. (for no good reason)

please train your programmers with ‘if it ain’t broke’ don’t fix it’

I only have this problem on bitchute sites.

Firefox 122.02

Ubuntu (Linux) 22.04"

I note that as of today, Mar 27 2024, both ctrl l and ctrl f keys have been reinstated. it would have been nice for somebody to have replied here if the fix proceeded from here. that fix saves me a lot of aggravation.

i note my real email is showing here. I hope that is only for me logged in and not HELLO WORLD. knock knock, who’s there? THE WORLD.