Bitchute video downloader for Android

I’m trying to find a download Manager for Android I click on the link that says Android add-ons but I don’t see it a download Manager what’s the deal is there not such a thing is there no way to record a video from my Android phone Firefox? You know I used to love Firefox but ever since they teamed up with Google everything has become to where you got to be a rocket scientist to do anything this is ridiculous. And I realize that you’re just a volunteer and trying to help and I appreciate that but if somebody would just tell me where I can go to put a boot and firefox’s @#$I’ll take care of it myself just give me the address where the CEO lives and I’ll make sure that Firefox gets back on track like it used to be. God says light is to have no part with darkness and to have no part with the evil doers why is Firefox joining Google the evildoers?