Block russia lang for Ukraine location!

MDN did a great job with no doubts! But, guys! Stop that f…ng sh…t - stop translating docs into ruzziazm lang when a user visiting resource from Ukraine!

Hi @Oles_Freelance and welcome to the community :wave:

The Ukrainian version of MDN was one of the languages that were retired two years ago, because of few and outdated pages. See for details.

To understand you correctly: Are you talking about Russian MDN search results appearing in your search engine or about redirects to the Russian version of a page when you’re trying to visit an MDN URL with /uk/ in it?


Hi Michael!
Thank you for response!

It’s sad that Ukrainian was removed, but I’d rather read the docs in English.
Nevertheless, looks like I was wrong about understanding the mechanism under the hood. So, yes, basically it’s all about the google-search-result - for some reason they gave me that links with /ru links.
Sorry, for disturbing you without a real reason.

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Yeah indeed. :frowning:
MDN decided that it would be better to have no localized content than outdated content and a lot of missing pages. Only a few locales survived this decision.

That’s a bummer. I’m using as my search engine and there you could, for example, search for !mdn flex to directly search on the MDN site (in the language you selected on MDN)

Absolutely no problem. I’m happy I could clear things up.

Have a nice day,

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Thank you very much for the advice!
Have a nice day!

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