Blocking sites without SSL, very hard on small family websites etc

We have a family website with photos, I have a one page website with contact details, My OH has a one page website for those interested in her private lessons (a few hours a week)
And now FF blocks them all. So are we meant to pay say 3 x 30€ a year? This is the little guy getting shut out.
Can’t you do something better, such as look for a form? This is a nuclear powered sledgehammer cracking a peanut

Hi Steve,
The usage of SSL is a good cause for the security and privacy on the web.

If you are interested in free SSL certificates, which Fx and all major browsers accept, have a look at Let’s Encrypt:

They provide free certificates including automated renewal etc. They are pretty great and widespread.

What does that look like? Do you get the new page added for “HTTPS-Only” mode, or something else?