[Blog post] Begin your MV3 migration by implementing new features today

Manifest version 3 (MV3) is coming to Firefox early next year.

We want to help your transition to MV3 smoother so we’ve introduced a few ways you can start moving towards it with your MV2 extension.


Are there any updates on allowing persistent service workers for Firefox desktop?

Will it be possible to set a service worker as persistent in the manifest.json file?

Are keep-alive events that we can currently use going to be removed?

I haven’t seen any changes on the following bugs lately:

It’s frustrating that the only decent solution to keep a persistent service worker is a nativeMessaging host. An extension that requires a nativeMessaging host will lose some of its user base.

In my case, I need setTimeout for my extension to function properly. This isn’t possible with service workers and alarms are a poor alternative.