[Blog post] Built-in FTP implementation to be removed in Firefox 90

Firefox’s built-in FTP implementation will be disabled with Firefox 88 and removed in Firefox 90. After FTP is disabled in Firefox, the browser will delegate ftp:// links to external applications in the same manner as other protocol handlers. Firefox 88 is scheduled to be released on April 19, 2021.

To offset this, ftp has been added to the list of supported protocol handlers for extensions.

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Is there any way I can revert to the Firefox version that supports FTP ? You have disabled it an knackered up my Trainz downloads ! I don’t understand how to program these seperate FTP servers etc. . . . Just put it back , it would be easier or I will have to leave Firefox after all these years .

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This sucks. Why remove it? Just put it back and disable it again. Anyone who doesn’t want it won’t be affected but I use it literally EVERYDAY.
If you at least put it back in FireFox so those of us that want it can go in and enable it.