[Blog post] Introducing the Promoted Add-ons Pilot

Today, we are launching a pilot program to give developers a way to promote their add-ons on addons.mozilla.org (AMO). This pilot program, which will run between the end of September and the end of November 2020, aims to expand the number of add-ons we can review and verify as compliant with Mozilla policies, and provides developers with options for boosting their discoverability on AMO.

Read more about it on the Add-ons Blog >>

Is the pricing for Verified badge gonna be per addon, per developer or maybe per lines of code? (that would be most fair :slight_smile:).

If it’s per addon, don’t forget some discount for users with multiple addons? :slight_smile:

(…who am I kidding, I won’t be able to afford it anyway :smiley:)

These are good questions, and I’ll share them with the team! We’re still working on pricing. :slight_smile:

Quick addition: for the moment we’ve been talking about charging per add-on. We haven’t discussed discounts yet.