[Blog post] Manifest V3 Updates

Hey All, posting this here in case folks haven’t seen our update from yesterday.

Thank you.

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It is a welcomed update, I am still waiting for the day the permissions prompt is finalized in a way that is more clear to the users installing an add-on.

This is currently the main reason why I am still holding on to MV2, because in MV3 there is almost no visibility to the user, other than a tiny blue glowing dot on the add-ons button.

And even if the user is made aware of it, the drop down menu that it presents is even more confusing to the user, what will it do when the user clicks on the add-on that needs permissions? Will it grant the permissions from now on, or will it just grant it that single time, and if so will it apply when opening a website for the first time or it only counts from the moment it is permitted, and subsequent loads will no longer have the permissions, etc.

I understand we can force the user to a tab to request permissions, but as a user I have always hated that experience, it always feels abusive and I might not even want to do it at that time. This problem is exacerbated when the add-on is updated and requires new permissions and I am in the middle of something important that requires my focus.

The way MV2 does this feels like a good balance.

It would also be nice for users to have granular control over the permissions that work in ranges, for example: my extension makes use of permissions for any pages under the youtube.com domain, but users might prefer to not let it run on youtube.com/account pages, be it for privacy reasons, or other personal reasons.

I believe I have read people suggesting this, or something similar, recently, and I would be fully supportive of this too, it would provide Firefox users with more control over where/what extensions can do without crippling their functionality or forcing the users to toggle the extension whenever they need to.

Hey @Particle, thank you for your well constructed feedback. I will be sure this gets in front of the right team.

Thank you.
Ed Sullivan