[Blog post] Secure your addons.mozilla.org account with two-factor authentication

Starting in early 2020, extension developers will be required to have two-factor authentication enabled on their addons.mozilla.org accounts. Please see this blog post for more information.


This is definitely a good news :). However, I just wanted to point out that on the 2FA support page there’s no recommended applications supporting Linux.

I’ll try to see if the TOTP functionality in KeepassXC works with Firefox 2FA and update the support page accordingly. Also, if someone know an other software than KeepassXC that works under Linux it’d be really appreciate if you could add it the the recommended list.


Why not simply use one of the Android / iOS apps?

Firstly, I don’t have an android/iOS phone. Secondly, I only invited people to update the support page like I did after my test with KeepassXC. The goal was to be as much inclusive as possible. I’m sure, even if we’re a minority, that I’m not the only one that doesn’t have an Android/iOS phone but still want or need to use 2FA.

Finally, I’m assuming you had good intentions by asking this question. However could you avoid using meme reference like “why not simply use” when you ask a question to someone. It really feels like you belittle what I was saying.


Oh man, I’m so sorry :slight_smile:. I’m not sure what was I expecting but I definitely didn’t expect that.

I see that this is a serious problem if you don’t use smartphone with Android / iOS.

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