[Blogpost] Turning the queues around

(Andreas Wagner) #1

@jorgev published some information about how the review team on-boarded almost a dozen new volunteer reviewers to bring down the review queues and what we are going to do improve the situation even further.



Great job guys! :thumbsup:
I feel like things might have been stressful the last month.
And this Andreas Wagner guy sound amazing, hehe :smile:

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(Noitidart) #3

I was about to gripe about the old forum going down then I saw my name on the blog and immediately forgot :stuck_out_tongue:

But by chance is there a cached version around, there was this one awesome topic on docShell swapping I would reference a lot on there.

@MartijnJ are you the guy from stackoverflow bagging that my solutions? :stuck_out_tongue: jk jk i mean the guy whose meta post solution i just accepted? :smiley: Martijn Pieters​:diamonds: is his name that would be cool i dont run into too many firefox guys over there outside of the firefox tags


Nope, not me.
I have seen your name just about anywhere the word Firefox is mentioned though.
I’m sure that if I would say “Firefox” 3 times out loud, you would magically appear out of thin air, hehe.

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