Bookmarks drop down folder list change to greater # of recent folders

Hi guys, how many years we have to speak this subject?

This should be included in the main code in Firefox for the first place, 5 recent folders in the drop-down list are ridiculous and do not fit any pro user for internet, nor at home or Office. I am on Nightly now and the way we have access to posting demands and suggestions for changes IS again: RIDICULOUS.
I am Googling from time to time this subject and it seems as well hidden or at the bottom of the list in Google.


Have you considered customising your menu bar with the shortcut the old style bookmarks drop-down menu?

Why “Menu Bar” menu bar is just like all menus… File, Edit,View, etc… so why edit this?
“Old style” had as well 5 folders in drop-down, so where is change? and I was asking this all time. I am using FF for 30+ years…