Breaking update for webthings and Arduino code

Just a quick heads up.

Version 7.x of ArduinoJson (by Benoit Blanhon) implements changes which may create issues when compiling. Other breaking updates may include the arduino-esp32 boards libraries (2.0.13) and the ESP32 WebSocket libraries, I’m guessing here.

The following is the first obvious error that I have come across. this was tested with the simple LED example and the Seeed XIAO ESP32-S3, which previously compiled with no errors.

In file included from

    ..\Arduino\libraries\webthing-arduino/Thing.h: In member function 'void ThingDevice::queueEventObject(ThingEventObject*)':
    error: cannot convert 'const AsyncWebSocketClient' to 'AsyncWebSocketClient*' in initialization
              ((AsyncWebSocket *)this->ws)->getClients()) {

I’m currently going through the code to work out what else has broken. This may not be the only thing broken.

Debugging time.

A quick update on various library updates and changes. The following combination of libraries works and compiles correctly. Still testing.

Using library webthing-arduino at version 0.12.0 
Using library ESP Async WebServer at version 1.2.3 
Using library FS at version 2.0.0 
Using library WiFi at version 2.0.0 
Using library AsyncTCP at version 1.1.4
Using library ArduinoJson at version 7.0.3
Using library ESPmDNS at version 2.0.0 

Updating ESP Async Webserver next, then ArduinoJson.

Thank you for the heads up.

I believe @rzr is the current module owner of the webthing-arduino library.