Bring back speaker on tabs

If you scroll over tabs you can see the speaker. It used to show without scrolling. You could easily see which tab was playing audio that way. New update sucks. I hate when things get changed just for changes sake.


The inconvenience of this change made me make a forum account. Yes please, this is an awful step backwards for those of us that keep many tabs open during browsing. At least allow some kind of theme configuration option to bring back the persistent audio playing indicators. Absolutely a regressive change.

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There is a textual indication with Normal density, but based on numerous forum posts, many users are not noticing it. Obviously in this image, the tabs are at their full width; the problem may arise with narrow tabs?


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The textual indicator is far less noticeable at a glance. In addition, there is a textual indicator now for “autoplay blocked”, so if multiple tabs are opened at the same time, it is nearly impossible at a glance to tell which is the one playing and which just says “autoplay blocked”. And yes, It gets far worse when several tabs are open and the width is narrowed.

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