Bring more discussions over here

I have seen a couple of discussions that seem to be in the wrong channels and each time thought that would be the actually place the conversation should happen.

Let me give you you some examples:

My idea would be to much earlier e.g. restrict comments on a bug, but a the same moment provide a link in bugzilla to a new, related topic created over here. Same also for several dev/ux/etc. mailing lists. If the comments are external and actually off topic - Mozilla employees could start redirecting people over here instead.

What do you think?

*Email from DT

This discussion is fast turning into a grab bag of smaller concerns related to the more general question about how we approach designing our UI which Mike has pretty much answered. You’re welcome to disagree with our decisions of course but this mailing list is for the ongoing development of Firefox which this discussion is veering away from.

Feel free to open bugs on particular issues you have with the UI.


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That email in the archives:

Definitely, if there’s relevant categories over here. Those couple of bugs (from some light skimming) seem like they could belong in the #add-ons category (or one of its subcategories).

If there isn’t a relevant category here, then it could always be created. In the case of “Firefox v57 (‘Quantum’?)”, we don’t currently have a Firefox category. It’d be great to have one, but I’d need someone to step up and own it (and the moderation required).

We would just need to keep in mind that Discoruse most probably shouldn’t act like a support forum (we have SUMO for that).

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We would just need to keep in mind that Discoruse most probably shouldn’t act like a support forum (we have SUMO for that).

True. The category could be called Firefox (dev)!?

The sources I was aiming for were rather dev specific, the firefox-dev mailing list (and similar ones) as well as tasks in bugzilla that lead to long discussions instead of having primarily comments about the status of the task itself.

Forget the Firefox (dev) suggestion, I’d say the Firefox Nightly should be sufficient.

As an example where a link to one of the discurse groups could maybe have been useful:

A Firefox Nightly category already exists here:

Yeap, that’s what I meant :wink:

My initial request was not about the categories, but about discussions in other channels - like bugzilla or even some user requests from e.g. mailing list - that might have a better home over here in discourse, and for which Mozillians could move the conversation over.

Was there ever a vision of making greater use of Discourse for support?

I never really found the SUMO UX attractive. YMMV