[Bringing MozFest Home] Central & South America

Connect with others from your area

We hope that you’ll work with others from your area to take the principles and practices of MozFest to fuel the internet health movement. Want to remix a MozFest session to run in your city? Have an idea for a campaign or project to start? Take your experiences from the festival to bring more internet health and trustworthy AI to your cities.

Here’s are the participants from Central & South America that pinned their location on the MoZone World Map at MozFest 2019:

  • Sonia (Buenas Aires)
  • Anne (Rio de Janeiro)
  • Celso (Riradentes e Sao Paulo, Brasil)
  • Lucía (Bogotá, Columbia)
  • Celso (Bolotá, Columbia)
  • Natalia (San Jose, costa rica)
  • Evan (Chigo)

Slack: #loc-c-s-america on MozFest slack

Say hi to the group on Slack or Discourse and discuss your ideas to bring MozFest home. Feel free to create more channels and topics for your specific country or city.