Broadlink Add-on

(Joel Afonso) #1

Hey there! I am having troubles in finding broadlink devices. Could anyone help me out? The only devices found till now are my Philips hue… add-on is activated but it seems it can’t find any… please help

(Martin Giger) #2

I assume this is related to the IoT gateway and not Firefox extensions? Move it over there for now :slight_smile:

(Joel Afonso) #3

Thanks! I am kind of new at this :wink: can you help me out with adding new broadlink devices to Iot?

(Michael Stegeman) #4

The broadlink add-on is maintained by @sogaani. I’m not sure how actively he’s working on it anymore, but you can try filing an issue on the git repository:

(Joel Afonso) #5

I have tried but no answer… I am willing to pay if anyone could help me out with it… I have tried iobroker and ending up not having success, now i find Mozilla IOT and when this is not working too than this is my last try… :frowning: