Broken CSS inspector on some site

When I try to view the styles of elements on the site in the inspector, Firefox writes that no one element is selected. Running safe mode (without add-ons) from about:support does nothing.

What could be the reason for this behavior? This happens only on this site; I haven’t encountered this anywhere else.

Unfortunately the website doesn’t seem to load for me, is it still up?

Do you see any error in the Browser Console? (

Yes, the site is working.

I recorded the demo video in a new Firefox profile with disabled “Enhanced Tracking Protection”. After loading the site there are no errors in the console. When I select any element, Firefox writes “No element selected” in the CSS editor.

I can’t access the website, maybe it’s geoblocked or something? (I’m in France)

Thanks for the video, it shows that the problem shows on all the nodes. I wonder if we have some kind of pending task we’re waiting for, like a document would be loading for ever. Do you know if this websites uses document.write or anything that might be unusual?

Also, I think we were misunderstood, I was asking logs from the Browser Console (, not the regular web console. The Browser Console would have warning and errors for Firefox itself, not the content page, and that could be helpful here