browserAction button (aka menu entry) disappears after Firefox restart

Install topic tree addon.
Switch to notebook tab or use three dots/addons/submenu/topic tree icon.
This opens the notebook tab.

Close FF by:
|||menu at bottom of Android tree, showing all open apps. Swipe FF away.
Reopen FF. Now, the browserAction menu entry is gone, while the addon is still installed (addon details can be shown).
Happens both on a Samsung Note 10 lite and a S7 tablet.

Trying to open via recently closed tabs gives a white screen.

Android settings, then apps, then Firefox, then open brings the browserAction back.

Is there an easier way? Probably hardly any user would find that way.

Bug? I can enter that in bugzilla, if so.

I attempted to reproduce the issue using an Android virtual device, but the extension’s action did not disappear as described.

When you relaunch the browser are you looking at the new tab page? If so, the Add-ons menu is intentionally empty on that page and we have a feature request to change that behavior.

Thanks. That explains the intermittent working/failure, depending on whether I am on the new tab page or not.

I think this is should not be a feature request but a serious bug.

Consider all the new users first installing FF on Android because of the addons, then they load an addon, and then there is no way to start it - that is a show stopper for all new users.

How should anybody guess that there needs to be a “real” tab (according to the bug) for the addon button to be visible?

I will add a corresponding comment to the bug.