Budget Allocation Q1/2

Hello awesome Reps,

As last year, in order to emphasize more on the initiatives that are priorities for Mozilla and in order to align with Participation goals the council has decided to allocate the 1st and 2nd quarterly (Q1 and Q2) budget based on 3 different groups we identified. You can find the budget allocation here (for Q2 we will use the same allocation).

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Last quarter the Council run an experiment to allocate the Program’s budget to Mozilla’s priorities. This year the Council has decided to to repeat this experiment in order to support the areas inside Mozilla that the Program needs to focus on. Here is the allocation for Q1/Q2:

Group 1 - 70%
MozActivate (MozActivate provides activities that are most impactful to Mozilla. We want to focus on this to make sure that energy is spent where it is most needed)

Group 2 - 15%
Community health (we encourage zero-budget events, but leave the possibility open to fund initiatives with a good promise of impact, on a case-by-case basis as we did for example for Maker Party outside of Europe)

Group 3 - 15%
Other (exceptional ideas and experiments with a good promise of impact, on a case-by-case basis, this can be used for Community Health if that bucket gets full and we don’t see a lot of “other” requests)

A significant change from last quarter’s allocation is the fact that there is a heavy focus on the activate campaign. This is the result of the 2 following reasons:

  • Alignment with the Reps OKRs ~50% of Reps activities are Activate Activities
  • The Activate Campaign provides clarity on what is the most important contribution areas in Mozilla right now.

Budget has been a crucial tool in order to advance Reps activities. It enables us to do great things and to advance Mozilla mission’s. But budget is not unlimited. For that reason, the Council has decided to allocate budget in advance for those areas that we think should support Mozilla more right now. This will act as a guideline for where we want to focus for Q1 and Q2 and also as an indication and transparency tool on what we’ve done so far.

Moreover, we recognise that Community Health events (such as community meetings) are crucial to maintain a healthy community that works and grow in harmony. For that reason we’ve allocated a significant part of our budget to those kind of events. For a successful community building event we encourage you to use the community gathering guidelines in order to organize a local event in a smaller scale.

For the Reps activities that are not listed on the budget allocation there is a special bucket called “others”. That bucket will act to support initiatives that have not been identified as priorities but the Rep has shown on the request that this activity is highly impactful and advances Mozilla’s goals.

Council Chair