Budget time respond time

When we’ve onboarded the Review team, our main goal was the following: reduce the budget cycle times and align our budget with org goals.

On October we’ve set an ambitious goal for the review team, reduce 30% of the approval time. At the time, that meant we needed to bring the approval time from 7.8 days to 5.46 time.

Today, I am really proud to announce that the review team accomplished that goal, bringing down the review time to 5.48 days.

Our work doesn’t stop here. We still have a lot of work on training the Reps on having impactful initiatives and managing the Resources available to them. This will be our priority for the Resources Track in 2017.

But in the mean time, I would like to congrats all the people that helped to that goal. @alamanda @r_HN42fyO-WKqJJnvvAS8F-w @kelimuttu @ankitgadgil @faisalaziz your work is exceptional and thanks so much for all the time you’ve allocated into this.

Reps onwards :slight_smile:


Congratulations everyone, this is the result of the great work and investment the review team has been doing during the last quarter! :smiley:


Well done team!

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Congratulations for the awesome work! The speed in approving resources is really remarkable. :smile: