Bug 1503501: Documentation for Thunderbird WebExtension APIs

@fscholz said the following in #2333 (comment):

I’m sorry for the late reply here. I will try to come to decision making earlier in the future.

I have brought this up with the MDN staff team now and we’ve decided we won’t support Thunderbird in this project. Adding more browsers doesn’t come with zero costs. The Thunderbird community is small and it’s unlikely someone will handle reviews and updates to the data for us going forward.

Further, the core mission of MDN Web Docs is To provide developers with the information they need to easily build projects on the web platform. We are already somewhat unsure about our support for WebExtensions docs as these are only in theory cross-browser, not web platform tech, and standardization seems stuck. Thunderbird is even further off of our main mission. We (the MDN community and the paid staffs) do not have endless resources, so we have to make some cuts somewhere. Documenting the web platform is already a giant task and MDN has trouble modernizing and keeping up with the ever evolving web platform.

For questions or concerns on this, feel free to reach out to me, or open a new thread on https://discourse.mozilla.org/c/mdn.

Can you elaborate what your question or concern is?

My goal is to:

  1. achieve what @sheppy said in bug 1503501 comment #7:

In-tree documentation is always helpful, and RTD is a great place as well. I also don’t see a problem with including links on MDN to the appropriate Thunderbird documentation in, for instance, the “See also” section of a page, and we encourage linking to MDN from the Thunderbird documentation when the existing material will get the job done.

Indeed, making use of MDN in those ways is likely to improve exposure for the Thunderbird documentation, and in theory would be beneficial for MDN as well, although in a much smaller way.

  1. Complete the Developing WebExtensions for Thunderbird MDN page.
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