Bug: empty/silent clips during validation

We are having issues while reviewing voice clips in Uzbek. This issue with empty/silent recordings is occuring many times.

What we noticed:

  1. when these silent clips are played the spectrum is infinite and as if the recording is speeding up.
    As it is shown in this video, first clip has a recorded sound, but the second one is silent. (please find the video file here - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AWTnAeUXLp1Bb4OBhTpFiVMz6m-qdUgL/view?usp=sharing)

  2. it is not related to internet connection issue (we thought it was because the internet was slow, but turns out this is not the case)

  3. the recordings are completely silent - it cannot be the people who are recording the clips, because there should be at least some background noise even if they don’t speak anything and submit

That’s why we belive this can be a bug in Common Voice API.
Please help to resolve this issue.

Oh, I found this issue on github, it is still open