Button text capitilisation

(Kevin Sennes) #1

Hello, I’m currently doing editorial reviews and have stumbled across a button with 2 words, both in capitals. Looking at the documentation, I’m not sure if this is fine, or if it should follows the same rule as titles, or even have it’s own rules? Any help is great.

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(Eric Shepherd) #2

What button do you mean?

Generally buttons (real button elements or buttons with a border or shaded background) should use title case (“Click Me”) rather than sentence case (“Click me”) on MDN. That differs from our use of sentence case for titles and headings.

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(Kevin Sennes) #3

That answers my question perfectly! Thank you very much for the informational replay.
It was this button on the bottom right, so this button is fine as it follows the correct casing. :smiley: