Call for Feedback on Web Thing Protocol Use Cases & Requirements


The W3C Web Thing Protocol Community Group was created to define a common protocol for communicating with connected devices over the web.

WebThings currently implements Mozilla’s Web Thing API which consists of:

  1. Web Thing Description
  2. Web Thing REST API
  3. Web Thing WebSocket API

The first part has already been standardised by the W3C Web of Things Working Group as WoT Thing Description.

The Web Thing Protocol is intended to standardise the remaining two parts (in collaboration with the WoT Working Group who I’m also working with on the REST API part under the WoT Profile specification).

I’d like to share a call for feedback on the Web Thing Protocol Use Cases & Requirements draft report, which outlines use cases and requirements for this protocol.

Feedback is welcome via:
:cat: GitHub
:e-mail: Mailing list
:date: Meeting @ TPAC 2022 (requires registration)

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