Callback URL mismatch with HTTPS


I am currently deploying the common-voice platform using Kubernetes on a server to record/annotate some text corpus.

I have followed the guidelines to deploy and adapt it to Kubernetes. Everything seems to work fine except from the authentication (which works perfectly with docker-compose locally).

I get from Auth0 that there is a callback url mismatch. My URL has the form When I put the URL in the Auth0 callback list, I do not get the Auth0 error however I am redirected to an empty page.

Any ideas what the issue might be ? Can I configure my callback url without changing the source code ? Is there a redirection ?

Thanks a lot.

Hey Matt,

I’ve asked Jenny to weigh into your questions. Jenny has identified the following:

“There’s a couple of different problems. 1 is that the callback needs to be in the format of, and that dev is missing the /callback part. If that doesn’t work then the problem is most likely found in auth-router.ts, there are some settings in there that might direct the callback back to Mozilla servers. They will need to verify how they’re setting up their environment variables to make sure it’s not being accidentally tripped, and most likely also modify that file.”

I hope this helps.