Can Anyone change my username?

(Mainak R. Chowdhury) #1

Hello, I’ve an unique problem. I singed up for SUMO quite long ago probably someone told me to sign up & I didn’t know anything about it so I choose a rather funny username for myself. Fast forward few long months I want to start contributing on SUMO (maybe not entirely sure). Now my problem is I don’t want to carry around that funny username. Is there a way to fix my username?

Please, help me otherwise I’ll die. (dramatic music in the background) [just kidding :wink: ]

(Michael Buluma) #2

Hi Roy,

Post your question on sumo and an admin will get in touch.

(Mainak R. Chowdhury) #3

Thank you for your response. :slight_smile:
I’ll surely post on the SUMO forum.