Can I ask for an addon to be removed from an account that belongs to me but to which I do not have access?

I have been trying for 3 weeks to get an addon I had on another account approved on a new one because I lost access to the old one.

The review process is a bit insufferable when you use tools like React or Svelte, at this point I prefer to give up publishing my extension in Firefox Addons and simply ask to remove the one I have in another account to avoid confusion.

Who should I talk to, how can I verify my identity?

This is the addon in the account I lost:

You can check that in the Chrome Store is already on version 4.0.0.:

Please, I need to resolve this situation as soon as possible. It is causing a lot of problems to my users. I asked them to report the old extension but the moderators don’t seem to pay any attention.

Thanks in advance.