Can I get access to my addons having deleted my Firefox Account?

I am the author of a few small addons on the Addons website, (namely Styling) and I didn’t think that I would lose access to these by deleting my Firefox account. I have regretted my decision to delete my account, because I have put a lot of time and effort developing these addons, and I can’t login anymore with my deleted account :frowning:

The addons are still on the Addons website, so is there some hope that I can reclaim my addons with a new account, or log in to the Addons website through some other method?

(More info: I deleted my account 5-10 days ago)

An admin got back to me and told me to just re-register with a firefox account, and I realised that I had originally signed up with a different email address, so I re-registered with that address and boom! I have access to my addons now =D

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