Can I get an Evaluation for Math Exercise 2

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    p {

        color: purple;

        margin: 0.5em 0;



    * {

        box-sizing: border-box;



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Here is the link

Math 2

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This isn’t quite right. Let me walk you through the steps:

  1. Write a calculation that multiplies result and result2 together and assigns the result back to result . This will require assignment shorthand.

I’m not sure why you used the if statement here. It always run because what’s inside the parenthesis is always true. We just need to multiply the two numbers and assign them. This would be the correct assignment: result *= result2; It is the short version of result = result * result2; which would also work.

  1. Write a line of code that takes result and formats it to 2 decimal places, storing the result of this in a variable called finalResult .

To format the number we need the toFixed() method.

  1. Check the data type of finalResult using typeof ; you’ll probably see that it is actually of string type! Write a line of code that converts it to a number type, storing the result in a variable called finalNumber .

Since the toFixed() method returns a string we need the Number() constructor to convert the string to a number.

  1. The value of finalNumber needs to be 10.42 . Go back and update the original calculations you were provided with so that they give this final result. Don’t update the numbers or the operators.

To achieve this we need to add three pairs of parentheses to our initial calculations. This should look something like this:

let result = (...) / (...);
let result2 = 100 / (...);

You don’t need to change the numbers or operators. Just add the parentheses.

I hope this gives you enough hints to improve your code. It’s a pretty tricky one, so don’t get discouraged. You can do it. :smiley:

Okay, in reference to 2, I applied the corrections you mentioned and now I am having errors in my whole code,

Here is the link:


You made some great progress here. :clap:

There isn’t much left to make it work:

  • The toFixed() function doesn’t change the number directly but returns the newly formatted number. Therefore you have to do it like this: const finalResult = result.toFixed(2); See how I also added 2 as a parameter? Without a parameter toFixed() returns an integer but we want two decimal places.
  • You get the error because you didn’t assign the result of the number conversion to a new variable finalNumber. This line should look like this: const finalNumber = Number(finalResult);. We put finalResult in and it will get converted to a number and assigned to finalNumber.

I think it should work with this corrections. If you need more help or have some question, just come back. :slightly_smiling_face:

Until then,

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I will make the change and take it from there.

Appreciate the help.

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