Can I get the full HTML code in the inspector?

Hi there,
Today I can see that I’m not getting the full HTML code in the inspector window. By this, I mean special characters like for instance " " do not appear. But I really need to see them in the inspector.
Maybe I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure I used to see them.
Did I disable anything? Thank you for your help!

Hi Altered,

Can you share an example page where you have this issue.
As far as I know, nothing changed in the way we display content in the inspector, but happy to check against an actual example.

Thank you Julian for your feedback :slight_smile:
Well, I can’t really share any example, because… the situation is the same with every site, including sites I have nothing to do with.
For instance I just checked and got the same result.
I mean : I ask to see the source code, then search for the nbsp chain and get results. In the inspector window I just get no result (because they are not displayed anymore).
(FF 103.0.2 Mac Intel).

Typically for   I am pretty sure we have never displayed it in the inspector. I think Chrome does, and I think it’s the sensible thing to do. But that’s not possible at the moment with Firefox devtools.

It’s been mentioned over the years (quickly found but I don’t think we have a dedicated bug to implement that.

OK, well… since you’re making part of the Mozilla team, I tend to trust you blindly. But I’m extremely surprised. Because I use nbsp a lot and like to check my code quite carefully, step by step, maybe too much. That’s weird that all of a sudden I feel like I miss these nbsp marks in the code. I could swear I used to see them. Really I’m lost. Well, I guess this will remain a mystery… to me at least.