Can I set the font with firefox web developer tools?

web developer tools’ font too small,My eyes hurt when I look at it

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You can bump the font size pressing Ctrl (or Cmd on OSX) and +, while focused in devtools. It should bump the font-size up, like in regular web pages.


Very nice feature I did not know :slight_smile:
Strange that in this case only keyboard shortcut runs, while CTRL+mouse wheel not… Maybe in the future? It should be more consistent

  • 2021 September - Ctrl+mouse wheel works now (for me)

  • It would be great if the Fontsize could be set in the Developer Tool settings.

  • I particularly find it hard to read line-numbers on console messages, with a large monitor.

  • Is there any work-around using userChrome.css?

Update: in the most recent Firefox update(s), increasing the font size using mentioned methods, is preserved between browser sessions. (As far as I can tell)