Can not submit add-on

Hi, I encountered a strange problem when submitting the add-on. No matter how much I changed the description of the add-on, it kept reminding me “Ensure this value has at most 250 characters (it has 484).” even I’ve set the description to very simple words “Xpage new tab”. Can any one help me?:sob::sob:

My best guess is that this might be caused by an encoding issue. Did you copy-paste something into the text box before capturing this screenshot? Have you tried refreshing the page before typing into the text box?

It might also help to get some more info about your OS, your OS’s locale settings, and your browser’s locale/language settings.

I may have remember this wrong, but I think there used to be an issue like this when one of the supported languages had too long description.
So try to switch to other supported languages, if your addon has other translations, to see if one of them is too long.