Can not use Remote debugging on Firefox Preview for Android

I use FF Developers edition on my Arch Linux machine and I need to debug web app on my phone.

When I trying to load a tab from mobile device (in remote debugging). I got an error:
Can not connect to debug target

Does anyone got same issue?


From what I could test, I can still connect and inspect tabs from Firefox Developer Edition.

Can you share which version of Firefox Preview you currently have installed? Maybe shared a screenshot of the about:debugging UI when you are connected to the target browser. Do you see any warning?

I think only Firefox Preview Nightly is updated now, so if you are on a regular Firefox Preview, you might be on an old version, no longer compatible with DevEdition?

I updated to Firefox Preview Nightly and problem was gone.

Thanks for letting us know!

If you are now on Firefox Preview Nightly, you might want to use Firefox Nightly (desktop) to debug it.