Can someone develop a plugin / addon to save different sessions (groups of tabs)

Can someone develop a plugin / addon to save different sessions (groups of tabs) to then open them in different windows (two, three, four, etc) each with different sessions (tabs collections) ??? for example, when using multiple monitors you can open several windows of firefox and open in each one a different session (group of tabs) (previously saved), through a menu in which you can rename, overwrite, save new session and delete them.

Is someone able to do it ???

If it already exists please give me the link to download.

greetings from Colombia and sorry for my bad English, also if this is not the right place for this topic, but I think, it is a good idea to make firefox different from other browsers !!!

Thanks for reading

There are a couple of extensions like that on AMO:

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And there are tons of new ones coming up thanks to the contest that recently finished.

Is there a list of those extensions? It would be interesting to browse through everything that was submitted.

There is no public list, but we are looking into ways of sharing contest highlights, beyond the winners we’ll eventually announce.


I am making an add-on just to do that. In a couple of weeks time it will be available on the store. Do you still need such an add-on? Please tell some more features that I can add to it in the coming versions.

Here are the links to extension which does exactly as you have descriped:
For Firefox
For Chrome