Can someone please help me with Loops 3 skill test?

Hello everybody!
I need some help here with the Loops 3 skill test (In this page)
I solved it like this: Codepen link
And I think it works, but I understand the task asks you to use a ‘continue’ statement inside the loop. I think I don’t really understand still how ‘continue’ works.
I would appreciate it if someone could assess this task and help clear up that doubt about the ‘continue’ thing.


Hello @fabricioceppi

you doing great well done

the continue here mean that you do not do anything not to force you to use the continue keyword so in other way if it prime do that and if not do nothing which will make you continue the loop

hope that make it clear and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Thank you very much! now it is clearer to me

you very welcome :slight_smile: