Can the memory limit set in JS_NewContext be increased after the context is created?

I embed Spidermonkey in our software to give a JavaScript scripting ability.
Some of the users of the software can create scripts that make millions of GCthings.
Currently I allow the memory limit passed to JS_NewContext to be changed before a script is run. However, if the size is too small, scripts can fail for users when they create these huge numbers of GCthings.
I’ve always thought that this is a fixed limit for GC memory and cannot be changed once created, but is that the case?
Is there any way to increase this size after the context has been created?
I know that I can see how much GC memory is currently being used with JS::CollectRuntimeStats, so would it possible to allocate more memory if this got to 90% of the limit (as an example) and garbage collecting didn’t help?
Does anybody have any idea if this is possible?
Many thanks

From the lack of replies, I’m guessing that this isn’t possible (or perhaps something that isn’t obvious) :frowning_face:

If anybody does have any idea if it’s possible then please let me know. It would be very useful to know.