Can we name the private window start tab something other than "about:privatebrowsing"?

Is there a reason why the name of it is still in “read-only” form?

Why can’t it be named something like “Private Start Tab” or “Incognito Start Page” or something?

But that’s my opinion…

For me, on both NIghtly and latest release version on Windows I see the following when:

  • Opening new private window
  • Open another tab and load discourse

Are those the same steps you took?

Not really…

I usually just right click the pinned icon in the taskbar, and open the “New private window” from there.

Maybe it has something to do with setting my History to “Never Remember History”. Because whenever I open a new window from the sidebar, it always opens the same “New Tab” window, whether you choose normal, or private.

Thanks for the explanation. Nice catch!

Same behavior for me as before. However:

Indeed. When setting that pref I can reproduce this. When opening a new private window through the App Menu (hamburger menu on the top right), or Ctrl+Shift+P, it just opens a new “New Tab” without being in actual Private Browsing mode. This behavior is IMHO correct as Firefox wouldn’t remember history anyway, though that could also be confusing.

However when having that pref set, and choosing “New private window” from the taskbar context menu, then I can see the same as you are seeing. IMHO this should behave exactly the same as when choosing “New private window” from the App menu. Therefore this sounds like a bug to me.

Would you like to file this bug in the bug tracking tool? Here’s the link for that: