Can we put separate mobile build for firefox for android

we currently have the nativeMessaging Permission for the web extension
“permissions”: [

we require this permission for the web extension. but for firefox on android this is not supported and we are willing to remove this permission only for firefox on android. is there any way to publish separate build for android?

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible and won’t be any time soon.
But I’m pretty sure the unsupported permissions are ignored so the rest of your addon should work on Android just fine.


so this mean we can publish it for android as well without making a change in set of permissions?

when i try to install my extension on firefox it says invalid extension because of nativeMessaging permission present. i have to remove it to install and debug everytime

Maybe you are using older Firefox?

From what I can see here, it was fixed last year:

I mean when i try installing firefox on android. i have to remove nativeMessaging and start development environment. web extension is not a problem

On Firefox desktop, when I load a temporary extension with an invalid permission like "permissions": ["xyz"], Firefox shows a warning, but the extension still runs.

Can you post a screenshot of the warning/error you see on Firefox for Android?

there’s no problem in firefox desktop!

when I try installing firefox on android. I have to remove nativeMessaging and start the development environment. if unsupported permissions are ignore it shall be ignored when starting development environment via web-ext

What version of Firefox you use on Android?

IME if you try to install an addon with Native Messaging it will silently fail to install.

But I have an addon that has optional NM permission and that installs. It’s only requested if an option is selected. I could probably check the platform and ensure it cannot be requested on Android.

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