Cannot install ANY extension locally

I cannot install any extension on Macos @latest. No matter what I try it’s always returning a ‘corrupt’ message. Even the example extensions cannot be installed. Why? Thanks.

Assuming you’re installing from make sure your clock is correct.

Else you should probably be using about:debugging.

Hi, thank you for responding. I have an extension I made myself a few years ago that is just a simple new tab page with a random image from Upsplash and a clock using moment.js. It’s in a jquery onload function that starts it. But I took the directory of example extensions and none of them will run in firefox for me. Always the same ‘corrupt’ message. I’ll see if debugging gives me any more details. thanks.

What I meant is a temporary installation:

For permanent installations you essentially always need to sign the extension with

Oh! Now I understand. That works! Thanks so much.