Cannot login to update my addon on

(madmital) #1

I’m the dev of a TB addon.
I’ve just updated the addon to support TB 60+
so I wanted to login and post the new version.

However, doesn’t recognize my email as a valid registered one.
I keep my login info in a password manager app, and have also received mails about my addon on that mail account, so I’m 99% sure I’m using the right one.

I’ve written to amo-admins A mozilla DOT org about this (found that address somewhere online), but I’m unsure if that’s right.
Any other hints as to how to re-gain access to my dev profile?

(madmital) #2

It turns out the amo-admins mail address is in fact alive.

The solution to my problem was simply to sign up once more using the same email.
This restored my account and provided access to existing addon listings.