Can't enable USB Devices about:debugging

I can’t enable USB Devices on about:debugging setup page. I already installed ADB toolkit for MacOS, also I can see my device in ADB devices list:

~% adb devices -l 
List of devices attached
013db356 device usb:336723968X product:OnePlus6T model:ONEPLUS_A6010 device:OnePlus6T transport_id:9 

On the device I’ve enabled “Remote debugging via USB”. But when I click on “Enable USB Devices” button, nothing happens. I can see only “Updating…” message, then “Disabled” again.

Also no devices in the devices list, because USB Devices are disabled. “Refresh devices” does not make any effect.

Hi! I’m guessing you are on a M1 / M2 mac, and are running into

We need to release a new version of the adb extension which contains binaries compatible with M1/M2 macs, in the meantime since you already installed adb, you can start the daemon by running adb start-server

No, that’s Intel based Mac. The problem only that i can’t enable usb Devices by clicking on the button.

Oh indeed, it seems the extension was removed from the mozilla FTP. Looking into this…

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Could you try to open about:config, and change the preference “devtools.remote.adb.extensionURL” to (basically remove the / from the current value).

This should make it work.

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This really make it work. Thank you for help!

Glad this worked for you!

For information the FTP issue was also resolved a few hours ago in, so it should now work even without the workaround modifying the preference.

You can still keep the updated value for the preference, both should work.

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