Can't locate some UI strings

Couldn’t find “Cancel”, “Custom goals” and “of daily goal”, in the Georgian translation project.

Found “Yes” and “Listen”. There are translated, but, as you can see, there are in English on the site.

Hey @Razmik-Badalyan,

I see you have been translating recently, and you only have one unreviewed. But, even if they all get accepted, they do not directly come out to the actual website. They come out with the next website release.

Did you check the development and/or staging area?


Hi @bozden,

I couldn’t check on neither of those, because these texts are on the profile and there is no profile page on Staging or Development; can’t log in.

Then, current release is:

Last-Modified: Wed, 17 Aug 2022 16:04:34 GMT

Anything accepted after that will be on the next release I think…

I have seen this English strings long time ago, and the Georgian project has been 100% translated for a while now. Just checked the Russian site, same issue there.

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Right, same in Turkish…

Would you open an issue on github for these?

Found the culprit, one of them at least, others should be around:

Edit: Second one here…

Thanks for supporting this query !

Posted an issue on github, probably will be taken care of after holidays :slight_smile:

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