Can't log in (to to manage my add-ons due to 2fa loop

I have a few custom add-ons for personal use, not the public ones. Today I was trying to log-in in order to update it and stuck on the log-in process. The website keeps throwing me a prompt to Enable 2FA. There’s no option to pass or cancel that step in order to manage my add-ons. Why I’m not allowed to choose whether to use the 2FA option or not? Why am I forced to do it?

I really wouldn’t like to set up 2FA. First, I don’t have a chance to create or use 2FA at the time. My smartphone “died” about a year ago and I use the previous one with buttons (and it is great!)
Second, I am so tired of being attached to a smartphone in order to log in everywhere so I don’t even rush to buy a new one. (I have a tablet for all the “smart” things.) And thirdly, this is obviously adding more troubles with logins when you lose access to your phone.

I managed to get into my account settings at ( but I still can’t normally use it. The 2FA is off, but just can’t let me in.

The announcement for the requirement:

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