Can't login whatsapp web after early April 2022 update

firefox v99.0.1 (64 bit) - It is v100.0.2 now.

dark reader
facebook container
ublock origin

System win10 20H2 build19042.1645
windows Feature experience pack 120.2212.4170.0

Since early April update to v99, I can’t login whatsapp web suddenly.
There was no problem before.
I’d been trying for a while.
it’s normal when I use with chrome, edge.
whatever at home or office.
I tested private or normal mode browsing
Only firefox stoped at login screen scanning the QR-code
Did anyone have the same situation like this?

Occasionally wait for a long time and it returned to the QR-code screen
There is some kind of “Database corrupted (or error?) Please restart…what” error message.
I googled, got this

But it’s not work.

Recently I tested a fresh install of firefox.
Still can’t get login with the privacy mode.
But the normal mode works.
When I adjust the settings checking “Do not keep history” and “Clear cookies and website data when closing firefox”.
It returned.
After a new installation process, I stoped when I checked “Do not keep history”
I speculated that this the effect.

But no matter which browser I used, I save no browsing history records.
Why only firefox got compatibility problem?
Or did whatsapp work anything behind?

Hi Bo-ren,

Have you tried to refresh your browser? Otherwise, you may want to check the following Reddit thread: However, it’s important to note that it contain advanced configuration setting (see Please proceed with caution.

Also, is a better place to ask support question like this. You may want to submit your question there next time.

Running an outdated browser on your PC is a known cause for the WhatsApp Web not working on Firefox issue . The minimum Firefox version you can use to run WhatsApp Web is Firefox 60+. Anything below this, and you won’t be able to use the instant messaging app.