Can't record on iOS mobile

At least three volunteers from the Georgian community have reported that they can’t record (or hear the recording) on their iOS mobile devices. Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Hey @Razmik-Badalyan, is this the issue they are encountering?

If it is, collecting some technical specs and posting there can help narrowing it down.

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This older bug can also be interesting (fixed by reverting commit):

Thanks so much for alerting us to this! @bozden, thank you so much for highlighting similar issues to see if these might be grouped bugs.

@Razmik-Badalyan do you have any information on the browser, which version of iOS and/or phone they’re having issues with?

Unfortunately, I don’t. I asked them for more info, but got no reply, yet.

Not a problem at all, this lets me do some :sparkles:weird testing​:sparkles: at the local device lab, which I’m always excited about. If you do get any more information I would love to learn more but for now I’ll test things out and also chat to eng!

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